Types of Cyber attack

cyber attack

A cyber attack is any type of offensive target to Information is an essential asset for any organization. Due to its significance, data is always a target for many malicious elements whose intention is either stealing or damaging it. itโ€™s essential to understand the various threats and attacks that they grapple with. Some of these threats are highlighted and explained below: 

Malware cyber attack

These are damaging software that may be found in email attachments or specific links. There are various kinds of malware. These include viruses, worms, spyware, and others. Malware has different effects including prevention of network accessibility, fixing of the additional dangerous program, disruption of specific elements of your system, and others. The various kinds of malware programs are as follows: 

Viruses attack

A computer virus is software that maliciously loaded to your machine intending to cause damage to different files. Viruses reproduce themselves once in your system and may cause significant damage. 

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Worms attack

This form of malware spreads copies of itself from machine to machine. One of the ways through which worms arrive at your machine is through email attachments. 

Trojan Horse attack

This is a type of malware that is meant to trick you into providing essential information to hackers. 

Phishing attack

This entails obtaining important information through your emails. The phishing content appears to come from a reputable source, and you may decide to share your information. The critical personal information that you share will be used to access your accounts and steal all the money. 

Man-in-the-middle attack

This kind of attack happens when an attacker attaches themselves to a transaction that entails two parties. This attachment aims to steal vital data. Man in the middle attack happens mostly in unprotected networks like Wi-Fi. 

SQL Injection attack

This takes place when attackers use the wrong code to a server that utilizes SQL language. The server is forced to open confidential data contrary to the norm. An SQL attack happens on poorly protected systems and networks. 

Passwords attack

Cyber attackers may access your passwords and steal information from your system. It is essential to learn to create passwords that cannot be easily accessed by using different characters.